Our Story
Since we established LPW in 2001, the business has evolved to become “the complete” private wealth manager. We embarked on our journey with a lot of academic knowledge but no practical experience of applying it to the real world. This has meant that the needs of our clients have been the major influencing factor guiding us to where we are today.

London based, we have always been in and amongst the hustle and bustle of one of the world’s major financial centres. It uniquely places us at the centre of all the issues and trends influencing markets, our clients’ portfolios and the financial advice they need.

Our passions are wealth management and financial advice for private clients, and our investment strategy and portfolio construction skills differentiate us from competitors. This combination of passion and intellect translates into a successful business and satisfied clients.

Our Difference
Compared to the size of the average financial institution we are a mere speck of dust, but we have no aspirations to match others in size. Importantly, this distinguishes us in that it is our deliberate choice to limit the number of clients we take on and advise. Rather than size, our aspirations lie in offering the best quality bespoke advice possible, and we believe that can only be achieved in an environment where it is possible to gain a detailed personal understanding of each individual and their needs.

Cast iron integrity is the bedrock of our business. Our clients place their trust in our expertise and their financial futures under our influence. We appreciate and value this responsibility. We are proud of the fact that 99.9% of our client interactions end up in long-term guided relationships, where we help to achieve our clients’ financial goals and improve their lives.

Our Focus
We advise and steer individuals and families that need our help. We act as guides in the complex and often confusing financial, tax and investment environment. We do this by focusing on three key questions:

○ How much is needed to achieve the goals set? That leads to a Financial Plan.

○ How can we maximise the potential and growth of the assets accumulated? That leads to an Active Investment Strategy.

○ How can we minimise the potential tax payable through legal methods? That leads to utilising Trusts and investment in ISAs, pensions, QROPS and/or Investment Bonds.

Our Future
Our future is intertwined with that of our clients. We have a symbiotic relationship and we will only ever be as successful as they are. This means we harbour the same goal: a long-term, mutually beneficial relationship, rooted in trust and respect.

Creating a sustainable business model has always been at the core of our strategy.

We will continue to adapt and change, the two ingredients essential to continuous improvement.

We will continue to provide high quality advice and guidance to those who place their trust in us.

Rene Lans and Thomas RichterUndoubtedly this is the most important ingredient is our people. The quality of the people determines the quality of the business and its outcomes. Our management have many years of experience, exceptionally high personal standards and a great enjoyment of what they do. This means that every person working in and for the business is measured and chosen through that filter.

It is no coincidence that everyone at LPW shares the founders’ passions and principles; we hand pick our people to suit our ethos of integrity, trust and financial acuity. That we apply such care to all areas of the business has contributed greatly to our continued success.

Rene Lans – Wealth manager and Managing Partner

Thomas Richter – Wealth manager and Partner

Neil Zaayman – Mortgage and Protection Specialist

Leelah Zaayman – Client Services Manager