Our Business Principles

These ten principles serve as common-sense guidance to the business approach we would like to foster within London Private Wealth.

Independent thinking – Think for yourself. Take responsibility, be creative.

Productivity – Get the job done.

Honesty – Mean what you say. Know what you mean.

Integrity – If you believe in something, do it! Don’t ever compromise your principles.

Reality – What is, is. Wishing the situation to be different won’t help.

Reason – Reason is our means to survive.

Justice – Those who contribute the most should receive the most.

Pride – If you wouldn’t tell people what you do and why you do it, don’t do it.

Self-esteem – happiness is the end of the game, not business. Happiness is based on self-esteem.

Teamwork – we want people with strong personal goals, but recognise in a corporate environment success means you have to be a good team player.