Your Offshore Investment Portfolio

Offshore Review

Do you have a portfolio of investments abroad?

Feel that they can perform better? Did you make these investment decisions 5-10 years ago? Like everything in life, circumstances change and markets move on. With our help, we can garner the most from financial markets, increase returns and lower risk through state-of-the-art portfolio design and asset allocation.

London Private Wealth specialise in the active management of the discerning investor’s international offshore portfolios. We are a boutique wealth management company based in London and we’ve been operating since 1999.

A model based on decades of research

Our investment model is not based on speculation but on detailed quantitative measurements of financial markets and those attempting to outsmart it. It is our task to guide clients through the myriad jargon, sales information and 6000+ investment funds registered in the UK alone.

We acknowledge that world economies and their markets are extremely unpredictable and that generating consistent returns is extremely difficult. This fact forms the foundation of our philosophy. Our investment management techniques have been shown to optimise returns whilst minimising risks. We monitor fund managers and will replace or remove them without hesitation if they are found complacent or generating average results.

Trust London Private Wealth to:

* Minimise the costs associated with the investment process, offshore trust and custodians

* Ensure transparent flow of dividends and income back to an investor’s portfolio

* Reduce the exposure to income, capital gains tax and inheritance tax

* Diversify through active asset allocation

* Make use of active and passive investment vehicles

* Involve and engage our clients in the process

We don’t:

* Take market, sector punts or attempt market timing

* Use fund mangers who charge expensive fees, but who are unable to out-perform the market against which they compete

For a free second opinion of your portfolio, call the London-based investment experts

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