Our New Corporate Identity

horizontal_final_redAt the end of 2012 we made a strategic decision to end our shareholding relationship with PSG in South Africa. The decision wasn’t taken lightly. We considered the best way forward for our clients and all the stakeholders in our business and in the end we felt that the PSG corporate relationship did not add enough value. It’s been nearly 12 months since our separation and, as you might have noticed, nothing has changed to the service and advice we provide.

As a result of our decision, we will be re-branding on Monday the 9th of December 2013. We have spent a lot of time considering our options and decided to create our own identity and corporate image to serve us in the years to come. Our business has been operational for the past thirteen years and up to now we have not had the privilege of operating under our own unique identity. We have always been known by a brand created by someone else.

We are indeed very excited to enter this new phase of our existence under the name of London Private Wealth. We have chosen the name because it reflects much about our business. We hope you approve of our choice and would be proud to call yourself a London Private Wealth Client.

Our new website: www.privatewealth.co.uk

Rene Lans

Managing Partner

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  • Well done! Hope and wish you all the best! Nice clean look and feel and I hope you are still eager to partner with someone in good old SA?

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