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Welcome to London Private Wealth


We are Independent Financial and Investment advisers based in London since 2002. We aim to provide high level planning and advisory services to comfortably well-of private clients.

At some stage in your life you will be busy enough not to have time or old enough to be concerned about your financial future. It’s at this stage that we would be able to add the most value to your well-being  and your family’s future.

We’ve all done at least some DIY at home, but there comes a point when we need the help of professionals. Even the artistically impaired amongst us can with the help of a brush and some paint transform a wall or two quite respectably, but fiddling with the Gas supply is only going to have one outcome, disaster.

Similarly when dealing with your financial planning and investment portfolio, most of us will be able to do a reasonable job with the help of the Internet and newspapers for a long time, but then a day comes  when one can do more harm than good.

We are experts at doing the number crunching and calculation “your” number. The number is the amount of wealth that is required to ensure you and your family will be ok for the rest of your life, considering and allowing all foreseeable variables (Inflation, growth rates, income and expenditure).

If you would like to know where you stand in terms of your financial planning, retirement planning or simply would like talk over how we can be of service, please contact us.

Our first exploratory meeting is at our expense and afterwards you will know exactly how we can help and what it will cost. Our charges are very reasonable and will always be pre-agreed with you.

Give us a call to arrange an informal audit of your affairs – 0207 183 2522