Ensure a bright future

Professionally review your pension arrangement

Has it been a while since you looked into your personal pension and whether it’s right for you? How well it’s performing and – most importantly – whether it will provide enough income for you and your family (on top of your state pension) when you retire. Will I have enough? Am I taking too much or too little risk? Can I make a difference?

Time for a change

We are delighted that you’ve found our website because we are able to offer a professional review of your current private pension(s) and provide recommendations that we know will make a substantial difference to your future. In order to do an accurate assessment, you should ask yourself the following questions:

  • Do you know approximately how much your pension pot is worth today?
  • Do you know if it’s worth more than last year, the year before, or even ten years ago?
  • Do you know how much you’ve contributed or how your pension fund is doing compared to other options?

Before contacting us many of our clients have asked themselves these questions without knowing the answers. By not fully understanding how well things are going (or not), many realise that are actually taking big risks with their future and that of their loved ones. This is usually enough to prompt them into action.

But you could also be here because you do know most or all of the above answers and are certain that you need to do something to improve matters.

Is my private pension adequate?

Although obliged by law to regularly provide this information, the majority of pension providers do not really want you to know the value or performance of your pension. The reason for this is obvious: the vast majority of them excel at charging you fees and under-performing at everything else. Why is this? Well we believe it’s because it’s not the providers’ money, it’s your money, and fees are still payable however badly a fund performs. Often providers make it difficult for investors to move their pensions elsewhere.

This is slowly changing. The Financial Conduct Authority/FSA has declared that it will reduce the standard projection rates used by pension providers. These would typically show projected pension incomes more accurately and suggest that these could be 30% less than current projections.

We all understand that relying on a state pension or crossing your fingers and hoping that a poorly run pension fund will get you the retirement you want is short-sighted. You could always get lucky but chances are you could also have a very unpleasant time of it. We understand that you are busy with work or family responsibilities and don’t have the time to give this the attention it deserves. This is where we can take care of things for you – inspecting this important element of your future, simplifying it and professionally managing it for you.

What are the benefits of a private pension review?

You arrived at our website after looking for pension advice so you are clearly ready to look at your situation and take some action if necessary. We understand that you’re not sure where to go to get good advice and how to find a company who understands private pensions inside out.

That’s why we don’t want you to feel pressured or obligated in any way. After some initial questions to make sure we are in a position to help, we offer all interested potential clients a completely free private pension review to help you at the very least shine a bright spotlight on your private pension history. We look at these no-obligation sessions as an opportunity to introduce ourselves. If you’re interested to meet with us, please do get in touch.

Why it pays to seek professional advice today

We believe that once we’ve carefully examined where you are currently, and taken into account your age and other factors, we will be able to design a plan with clear goals – whether that means staying on your current path or choosing to make some changes.

Our pension review is completely free of charge and includes the following:

  • Assessment of prior performance
  • Current and predicted future value
  • Assessment of fees payable
  • Suitability for consolidation

Why we are a leader in the field of pensions

We are experienced independent financial and investment advisers. Regulated by the FCA, we have many years of experience in the pensions field as well as all the necessary qualifications. Our advisers undertake the most stringent training to make sure they are fully up-to-date with all pension-related legislation, and equipped to provide the best possible unbiased, straightforward and honest advice that we would like to receive ourselves. We will only recommend what we fully believe is in your best interests and that of your family – that is our guarantee to you.