Ongoing Advice, Management and Review Fees

Ongoing Advice, Management and Reviews

Your financial and personal objectives will change over time due to changes in your lifestyle or circumstances. We believe it is essential to ensure that the financial planning we do continues to meet your lifestyle, goals and investment objectives.

Our ongoing review service offers:

◘ Structured annual reviews,
◘ Assessment of your current circumstances and any changes to your plans that are needed,
◘ Regular updates and information regarding your investments and policies,
◘ a choice of differing levels of support depending on your needs, on-going support with correspondence and administration issues.

Our fees for service and review are set out in the following table:


Value Proposition Level

Level 1+


Level 1






Minimum Value of Investments & Pensions



£100,001 to




£0 to






LPW – Annual Charge


















Annual Statement of holdings






24 hour access to your portfolio via client website or mobile app





Active Process and Review embedded into our investment portfolios






On-going Access to your adviser






Annual portfolio re-balancing







Monthly Portfolio & Fund Reviews / Switches
















Annual Review Meeting









       ◘ Telephone / Skype during office hours








       ◘ At our office during office hours








       ◘ At a convenient time and at a venue of your choice

















Half Yearly – Virtual Review

















Review your objectives






Review Risk Profile and Portfolio Construction















Comprehensive On-going Strategic Financial Planning









      ◘ Cash Flow Modelling & Forecasting







      ◘ Tax Planning







      ◘ Catastrophe & Scenario Modelling







      ◘ Estate Planning







      ◘ Retirement Planning & Scenario Modelling







      ◘ Income / Expenditure Review & Forecasting







 Minimum Fee









Example of Costing









Income LPW receives from Provider









Amount below minimum Fee









Supplemented by monthly retainer









Total Annual Charges


















The service level maybe automatically upgraded or downgraded depending on the level of assets under management. The value proposition and benefits listed above are reviewed on an annual basis and this could impact your access to certain services.

The Percentage Annual Management Charge is guaranteed not to increase. Our income will vary with the growth or decline in the value of your asset under our management. This means our motivation is aligned with yours – the growth of your portfolio. You may cancel the on-going review and advice service at any time and that will result in the corresponding advice and services no longer being provided.

Also see Initial and Implementation Fees